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{PDF} Nanakashahi Punjabi Calendar 2024 PDF Download with Gurpurab Dates & Festvals List

 Nanakashahi Calendar 2024 in Punjabi PDF

Nanakshahi Calendar 2023:- Dear Devotees, are you looking for Nanakshahi Punjabi Calendar 2024? If yes then in this article we provide a PDF file with the festival list. Nanakshahi is a Punjabi Calendar that provides you an all the information bot festivals, Public & National Government Holidays, and Historical Days in the Punjabi language. this calendar is for those people from Punjab and Punjabi Speaking people across the world. Read this article up to the end to get the download link of Nanakashahi Calendar 2024 in PDF format.

Nanakshahi calendar begins from the year of birth of Guru Nanak which is 1469. The Nanakashi Calendar is based on the Punjabi Twelve Months composed by Sikh Gurus. The twelve months are listed below,
  • Poh Month (December - January
  • Magh Month (January)
  • Phaggan Month (Febuary)
  • Chet Month (March)
  • Vaisakh Month (April)
  • Jeth Month (May-June)
  • Harh Month (June - July)
  • Sawan Month (July - August)
  • Bhadon Month (August - September)
  • Assu Month (September -October)
  • Katak Month (October - November)
  • Maggar Month (December)

Nanakshahi Punjabi Calendar 2024 Free PDF Download

Nanakshahi Calendar 2024

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Nanakshahi Calendar

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Sikh University Press



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