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Jain Calendar 2024 PDF Download with Tithi in Hindi & Gujarati

The Jain Calendar 2024 which is also known as Jaina Calendar or Jain Panchang for the year 2024 is now available at in PDF version. If you are looking for Jain Panchang 2024 PDF then this article will help you get a direct link to download it with the Festival & Holidays list.

Jain Panchang 2024 PDF with Tithi

A calendar is a system through which we can keep track of Important Dates, Festivals, Fasting days, Auspicious moments, Events & others. In the market, there are several calendars available but today we will discuss one of the leading Jain Panchang 2024 with the name Tirthankar Vardhman Jain Calendar. Jain community devotes the use of this calendar in their daily life routine to check the Panchang details. Tirthankar Vardhman Jain Calendar 2024 is a lunisolar calendar which means all important dates and auspicious moments are determined by the movements of the lunar & solar. In Jain Calendar there are variations but most people use the Shaka era which starts from Lord Mahavira's Nirvana Din. According to the historical record it occurred in 527 BCE. The name of the Shak era has come after the Shaka dynasty which ruled over some parts of present-day India during that time.

Typically Jain Calendar 2024 contains 12 months and each month's name is based on the zodiac sign and these are based on the phases of the moon. The day has been divided into two halves its starts from sunrise to sunset in one and sunset to sunrise in the second half. The Jain Calendar also has included fasting days, festivals, and special observation and all these are based on the basic principle of the Jain religion.

Here we have given the Tirthankar Vardhman Jain Calendar 2024 PDF for free. This is one type of the Vikram and Shaka Samvat Panchang.

Jain Calendar 2024 with Tithi

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Jain Panchang

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