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Mahalaxmi Calendar 2024 Kannada PDF Download for Free

Mahalaxmi Calendar 2024 Kannada PDF:- Hello readers, here we are with a new post on Mahalaxmi Kannada Calendar 2024 PDF.  now the new year 2024 will start soon and everyone must have a calendar to keep track of Festivals & Holidays in the upcoming year. Read the complete article to acquire information regarding Malalaxmi Kannada Calendar 2024 with a PDF download link.

Kannada Calendar 2024 PDF Mahalaxmi

The Mahalaxmi Calendar 2024 Kannada is the mostly used almanac in Karnataka state as it provides simplified information about Panchang for the whole year. It is an ancient Hindu Calendar that is founded by Shri Dattatray Namdev Shirke alias D. N. Shirke. In 1944, they started to publish a yearly almanac which is known as Varshik Panchang in the Marathi language. In a very short time, this almanac was popular in some of the districts of Maharashtra State. Later the son of D. N. Shirke took their almanac business in 1977 along with his two brothers. His son's name is Shri. Sadashiv Shirke, when they came in charge they have started to publish an improved version of the almanac published by his father in 1944. Now the name of Calendar or Panchang has been changed and named "Shri Mahalaxmi Panchang Dindarshika". After the success of the improved version, they expanded their business to 5 states and also published an almanac in various languages other than Marathi.

Here we have to give you a direct link to download Mahalaxmi Calendar 2024 in Kannada PDF for free. At the end of this article we have given a button "Download PDF" Simply click on the button it will redirect you to our Telegram channel. From the telegram channel, you can easily download or save it to your smartphone or computer.

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Mahalaxmi Kannada Calendar 2024


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